Wednesday, March 28, 2007

While I do enjoy winter

It's just so awesome that spring is really here. Monday after work the kids wanted to go to the playground so we put on coats, hats and gloves and headed off to play in the 45 degree windy weather for an hour or so. Yesterday, it was nearly 65 degrees and gorgeous! We all packed into the car and headed to the nearby state park and beach. Hot Wheels got to play with his remote control monster truck in the park with dad and Superman and I hit the beach for a while. He ran around in that sand like crazy- I told him if he caught a seagull he could bring it home so he was pretty motivated. After about half and hour the battery on the rc truck was done, so Hot Wheels and Dad joined us and then we headed off to do a little hiking around the woods. We didn't get too far, though, we circled a pavilion on a hill and then the boys wanted to run up and down the hill for a while. You can see they enjoyed themselves. I was thinking- "You're voluntarily running hill repeats? Crazy kids." but to see how much fun they had running, and rolling, down that hill and then trying to run back up to the top it really made me realize that this stuff should be, and can be, fun. More nice weather expected today so we'll head out to another beach park for more fun, we're so lucky to live close to some great places to play. To me there's nothing like the smell of the salt water, especially in the spring, and the sound of the waves on the beach. It's almost like a mini-vacation to me just going to the beach for an hour or so, perfect.

I'm finally about over the cold. I'm still too congested to swim, but I hit the elliptical trainer yesterday and this morning I participated in step aerobics class. My joints have definitely gotten looser and I hit the floor once when my ankle rolled, but it was a decent 45 minute class. Tomorrow's cardio intervals class and Friday I'll swim, really, I will.


ironjenny said...

That is the cutest picture -- what happy kids!
Are you sure you could have joined them rolling down the hill, though?... uh, in your condition, wouldn't you just keep doing little circles at the top? ;-)
Love the motivation of getting to keep a seagull... one day we'll actually be bringing home a seagull..!!!

Mallie said...

Glad you're almost over that nasty cold. Sounds like you had a great day with the boys, along with some extra exercise you're not logging into your activities!