Thursday, September 28, 2006

Can't wait for the next 60:00 mile

That's not a typo, I'm really hoping for a 60 minute mile in the near future. Here's why:

Tuesday afternoon I took the boys and the dogs for a painstakingly slow walk. At one point I was carrying C. along with 2 doll strollers while holding the leashes of both dogs as M. dawdled behind. I know I should never leave the sag wagon stroller at home but with the dogs it's too hard to push and hold the leashes. I figured since I was in no rush the boys would have plenty of time to just wander the loop as they please. We get to the point in our walk that's as far from home as possible and I hear the first "Hold me?" from C. I was able to convince him to keep going a little while with "1,2,3, GO!" and by jogging in front of him and telling him to chase me. Alas about a tenth of a mile later he abandons his stroller on the curb and I get another "Hold me!" and it was much more insistent than the first request. I tried to convince him to keep walking but some tears ensued so I hoisted him onto my hip and grabbed the stroller in my other hand with the leashes. About a tenth of a mile later, Kodi decides it's the potty break point of the walk. Now I've got to put C. down, scoop the poop into the bag and hold the bag as well. I decided that the bag would be fine in the stroller after confirming there were no holes in it and we were off again. Around the next bend, M. announces "I'm all done with my stroller" and walks away. I realize that days when he's got preschool he gets a little tired so I didn't want to risk a complete meltdown- I grabbed the second stroller and we were all off again. About half a mile later, M. decides that he'd like to walk Ozzy, which convinces C. that he'd like to get down and walk Kodi- leaving me with only the strollers and I assist in holding Kodi's leash to C. doesn't get pulled over. An hour after we started, we're back home in the yard. I was a little grumpy because that walk had pushed my patience a little.

I walked up to open the back door for M. while C. was in the front yard with the dogs. The dogs hear us going in and they start running, all of a sudden I hear a scream/sob from C. I turn the corner to the front yard and there's C. crumpled in the wood chip bed, hysterical. I'm not sure exactly what happened, my best bet is that he somehow got tangled up with the dogs and their leashes as they ran for the door. He wasn't dragged, but he must have fallen awkwardly and twisted something. He did use his right foot or leg for the rest of the evening. After about 2 hours I called the doctor who said to wait until morning and if he still wouldn't walk we should bring him in. Yesterday morning he still wasn't walking, so we called and brought him in. We were sent for x-rays and after over an hour and a half- great fun in waiting rooms with a 3 and a half year old and an injured 21-month old, we found out all x-rays were negative. The doctor suspects just a sprain and we hope he'll be back to normal soon. It's been so odd for the past couple days to see C. just sitting on the couch. Today he started crawling around again, but he still can't support his weight to walk and it makes him cry if he tries. At least there's an improvement over yesterday so we're hoping it won't be too long before he's back at the slow walk loop again. Next time I will enjoy those slow minutes all the more. It's amazing how we're sometimes hit in the face with a little perspective. If my biggest aggravation on a given day is a slow walk with my 2 boys, I've got it made.

Here's a random gym rant that won't make sense but I've got to say it out loud:
If you're complaining that spin class isn't a good enough workout for you, stop chatting, shut the he!! up and pedal faster!

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