Friday, September 22, 2006

I may never wash my hair again

This morning was strength training class at the gym. Since we've got the biathlon Sunday and I'm still getting over this cold I bailed on the treadmill run before class and got there just in time to get some weights and a bench. It's always a tricky proposition, picking the correct weight for this class. I've moved beyond the colored "girlie weights" for most exercises, that's the 5, 8 and 10lb weights. They're called the girlie weights because they're the brightly colored ones: orange, red and blue respectively. When you hit 12 pounds, they switch to the more serious looking black weights with the number printed on the outside. Depending on the exercise, though, picking the tougher weights can spell pain. The other reason it's tricky goes back to a previous post about the continuous crabbing in the gym classes. Some people seem to think that because they've used a certain weight set in the class, everyone should remember that and set the weights aside just for them. There obviously aren't 15 complete sets of every weight for each person so most people can share. Some people, however, cannot share and are incensed at the mere idea. I grabbed a set of 10s and headed off to the back corner and figured I'd just use the lighter set rather than deal with people. When the class format changed to a workout with partners, many new weight sets were freed up and it made life much more enjoyable. I ended up with the 20 pound set for bench press and rows, 15 pounds for the biceps set and 12 for the shoulder raise and triceps. We did 3 sxercise supersets in a row for each muscle group. It was a really hard upper body workout and it felt pretty good. We only did one set of lower body- squats with weights ( 1- 20lb weight) then lunges, side squats and finished with one set of jump squats. That last jump squat was really hard but felt so good. After a set of stretches I felt great and headed off to the shower. I got into the shower and that's where the real extent of my muscle exhaustion hit me. I could barely raise my arms to wash my hair. For a minute I considered just resting my elbows on my knees and squatting down to wash my hair while my arms rested on my legs. However, the lower body set was tiring enough that the thought of holding the squat that long wasn't good, either. Then there's the chance that my butt would hit the side of the shower and that just wasn't an option, so I managed to wash my hair, just a little less vigorously than usual.

When we went out for a walk tonight I didn't bring the sag wagon stroller for some reason. The kids wanted to walk up the "big" hill near the house. It's a decent hill if you're running but walking isn't too bad. Again, for a 3 and a half year old and a 20 month old it's a pretty big hill. Of course tonight is the night that C. decides he wants to be carried for about half the walk. So my already tired arms got a little more work this evening. I might not be able to wash my hair in the morning, we'll see. I like a good workout.

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