Monday, September 25, 2006

It was sabotage!

This afternoon at work, Paul called to tell me that he checked out the tube on my rear tire and there was a split approximately 3 inches long in the tube. The tire itself was completely intact so I didn't get a flat from running over something. He suspects that maybe he overinflated my tire and when I hit a bump it caused the tube to pop. He joked that it was his plan to insure that I wouldn't beat him, which he suspects I might have done if I had finished. I'm honestly not sure whether I could have caught up with or passed him but we won't know now. I guess we'll have to wait for another race, he's all set to sign up for yesterday's race again next year. We'll see whether I'm in racing shape at this time next year.

I felt fine today, which probably means I went against the 'rules' of multisport. I did not run like there's no bike. I ran with the thought that I'd still have to bike so I'd better save some energy. I didn't run this morning before class but I had a pretty good strength class. Tomorrow's kickboxing, that's always a good workout.

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