Friday, September 15, 2006

Just let it go

I mentioned before that I've had trouble with gym motivation lately, here's more on that.

I joined the gym in April of 2004- it was my present to myself for M's first birthday. I stopped pumping at work since we switching him over to milk. That gave me an extra 40 minutes during my work day and I was hoping to lose some weight before we had another baby, I was about 194 pounds. So, I joined the gym and before the end of April found out I was already pregnant. Change of plans, instead of working really hard to get into shape I listened to all the advice that said "don't let your heartrate go about 140" or over exert yourself during pregnancy, blah, blah. I would hang out on the elliptical trainer and not work too hard for 40 minutes or so five mornings a week. Didn't do much to get me in shape, but my cardiovascular endurance did improve a little. I did nothing while out on maternity with C. and I returned to work when he was 10 weeks old. I finally joined some of the 6am group classes, step aerobics, kickboxing, spinning, weight class, etc. I attended class five mornings a week and that really helped me to lose the 40 pounds I've lost so far. This spring I decided to start training for the triathlons and that cut down on my class time a little because I went swimming or biking instead some mornings. Now that I'm not training any more I find that I've got no patience for the classes. Most of the people are really nice and they make going to the gym enjoyable. However, there are some people that spend so much time and energy crabbing about everything that's wrong that it really gets annoying. I realize that we pay to have access to the gym and it should be run professionally. I think it's a very well-run facility. Some people are just always going to find something wrong with everything. It just gets so old to listen to the comments that some people think are appropriate. I can't stand it when people say things like "I'm just outspoken" or "I'm opinionated", when what it boils down to is "I'm rude". There are plenty of ways to be outspoken and opinionated without coming across like a jerk. Of course the people that complain the loudest are the people that no one would dare to cross so they're basically catered to in every way. Goodness don't ever stand in their spot in the class, don't take their weights and whatever you do, don't ever express an opinion. I think it's time I just head off on my own and do the workouts myself. I love the spin instructor so I'll probably stick with that class, but I can do most other things myself as long as I get there. I wish I could just get past the comments in class, ignore them and enjoy my own workout. But it really seems to generate some negative energy that I just find draining and distracts from the workout for me. I don't know how everyone else in class, or the instructor, can stand it. The one motivation there is to the group classes is that there's usually someone looking out for you so you might get busted on for bagging class unless there's a good reason. I may die of boredom out on the treadmill, but I'll start giving myself more specific workouts, so maybe that will help. We'll see.

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