Saturday, September 02, 2006

Injury update

The cramping I noticed in my left calf during the run of Wednesday's race really intensified over the course of Thursday. I was alright once I was moving for a while but as soon as I sat for any period of time it cramped up again and walking was tough for the first few minutes after I got up. I skipped running yesterday morning but I still went to weight class. Unfortunately, it was a leg intensive weight class with a lot of squats and dead lifts. During the third set of squats with a 15 pound dumbell the pain went from hurts-from-exertion-but-its-a-good-hurt to ouch-something's-wrong-with-this-hurt. I made it through class but getting around yesterday was tough. Of course there's a large flight of stairs between the gym and the rest of the building and I actually considered taking the elevator up after that class. I couldn't be that big of a wuss so I took the stairs and walked around most of the day looking like I was about 80 years old, no offense intended to any 80-year-olds out there.

I took my motrin last night and this morning my calf seemed a little better. My quads are sore from the weights class, but at least I'll be back on track for training next week. We've got the biathlon at the end of the month and I've got to run five miles. I have yet to run five miles since I started running again, it's probably been over 5 years since I've finished that distance. I'm hoping that I can just slow down a little and my training with 3 mile runs will carry me through. It might get ugly.

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Siren said...

Be careful - my calf cramps turned out to be fairly significant muscle tears that took a ton of rest and several appointments (aka torture sessions) with a sports massage therapist to resolve.

BTW - what you said about being a mom teaching you to ignore whining totally cracked me up. I guess I don't have that skill yet - when my calves whined through my sprint it drove me nuts.