Sunday, January 14, 2007

Allergic to swimming?

Friday afternoon, for the third time in the past 2 months, my left eye started to itch and get inflamed. Yesterday morning it was more red and puffier, this morning it's half shut and looks awful. My face also itches on my cheeks and by the corners of my mouth. I look like I've got some sort of rash in some spots. The only pattern I can come up with to these outbreaks is that they come after I swam in the morning. But there have been times that I've gone swimming and haven't had any reaction. Could I be having a reaction to the chlorine in the pool? Nothing else has changed, same contacts, same detergents and soaps, etc. I feel very vain but I've got to have a picture taken for work on Friday so I'm going to skip the swim workouts this week and just hit the treadmill or elliptical trainer at the gym instead. The only good thing about my glasses is that they're thick enough that it sort of hides how bad my eye looks when I'm wearing them. Although I REALLY hate my glasses and wearing them during my gym workouts is so annoying. Oh well, my "year of the swim" might have to be re-thought if I keep having these reactions. Another swimming bummer.

Pregnancy status: 10 weeks, 210 days to go.


Duane said...

That is a bummer! Hope you get it fixed!

Anonymous said...

get a life....for god's sake....don't bore the world with such trivia!