Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The world's best fruit salad

Finally here's a picture of the boys in their new room. Their room makes me happier than any other room in the house because it really feels like it's for somebody. The rest of the house has white walls and bare floors for the most part. I like the house fine, but their room feels like it's got personality. Until this weekend, neither boy ever played in their "room" for more than 5 minutes, now they love to play in there- especially if the radio is on and they can dance. The blue striped rug is from Target and at first I thought it was too expensive but now I think it was worth every penny.

I've got a nasty cold and didn't get to the gym this morning, so I was bummed about that. On the bright side, I've got some awesome fruit salad waiting for me in the fridge here at work for lunch. I went to our local warehouse-everything-in-giant-size superstore on my way home from work yesterday. I went for 2 things- the strawberries and tomatoes I enjoyed over the weekend. Well, I skipped my afternoon Kashi bar snack so I was hungry when I got there- very dangerous in the land of way too large packages of everything unhealthy yet tasty. I was wandering through the aisles towards the food section and found $6 pajamas- so I bought a pair, even though they are pink- they were $6! Then I went through the book section, they had a HotWheels activity pack with a coloring book, a paint with water book, a sticker activity book and a pop-out car model book. Of course I had to get that for HotWheels and right next to that was a giant-sized Superman coloring book- which I bought for Superman. Then I hit the produce section, found the tomatoes and strawberries although I was a little disappointed with the selection on both counts. I'm very picky about the box of strawberries I will buy- I eventually found an acceptable one. Then I saw the 2 lb box of green grapes, the 1 lb container of blueberries and the flat of 10 mangoes! I figured that $25 was probably enough to spend on fruit so I headed to the front of the store. I had to pass the sweets section and I saw the new Hershey's 100 calorie bars- chocolate wafers and chocolate pretzel bars. We like to have those on hand for the kids if they ask for candy. I also saw the Hershey's dark chocolate pack of individual dark chocolate squares and the dark chocolate with almonds, cranberries and blueberries. So I bought that, too, and ate one of each kind on the way home- $100 later. I get home, have all the food on the counter to put away and the kids walk in the kitchen. Hot Wheels sees the box of 100 calorie chocolate bars and runs over. As he gets closer, he notices the blueberries and yells "Blueberries, yeay!", the 2 boys sat at the table and ate blueberries and mangoes for the next 20 minutes while I cut stuff up for the fruit salad. They never even asked for the chocolate. After the fruit they each asked for a string cheese and a yogurt and then they were done with dinner- which we hadn't even cooked yet. I finished making the fruit salad and then Paul and I ate our dinner. I certainly couldn't complain that the boys wanted fruit, cheese and yogurt for dinner. I just hope there's still some fruit salad left for me to eat when I get home- I hear they already had some for breakfast.

I also hear we're supposed to finally get some measurable snow overnight, YEAY!!!! Not sure whether tomorrow's swim will happen, this cold is sitting right in my chest right now and feels sort of like a constant low level asthma attack. Not the best for breathing in the pool, have to wait and see how I'm feeling in the morning.

Pregnancy status: 12 weeks 2 days, 194 to go.


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

That room rocks! Those are some lucky boys. :)

Triteacher said...

I like the room too - very nice. How funny - cuz our house is very neutral too. We have very few places that feel like they're "for somebody." Hmm... maybe I'll have to do something about that. The rug's from Target, you say??

ironjenny said...

Love the room! Many, many happy childhood memories will be made and later recounted over and over...all in that "room Mom did for us".
Target is my destination for pretty much everything. It Target doesn't have it, you don't need it.