Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cinder*ella's ball gown

Is blue, and it's the color we stared at for about 5 hours today while painting the boys' room. Until next weekend it's just Superman's room, but Hot Wheels will move in next weekend after we get the furniture in and buy the new bedding for his bed. Because of the current state of both of their rooms (that would be full of junk we moved to paint), the boys and I will be having a big sleep-over on the pull-out couch in the basement tonight. Surprisingly, they're a little more excited than I am to sleep on the thin mattress down there while I've got a perfectly nice bed just 12 steps up and about 20 steps down the hall. It will be fun, in a way. We've even got a Tom and Jerry movie to watch before bed. It was strange having the boys out of the house for 6 hours today- they went to play at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we painted. The house was quiet, lunch was quiet and we talked about how less than 4 years ago this is what all of our weekends were like. What did we do with all that time? If only I had been training for triathlons then, I would have had hours every day to workout. Oh well, that's life and I wouldn't trade a single second of my life now for those pre-kid days. That's how it should be, especially since we're starting all over again in less than 7 months.

I did sleep in yesterday morning and it was WONDERFUL. I also realized yesterday and I could never be a model. Not like I could be even if I did want to, but I don't. At the photo shoot for the health promotion at work I spent 30 minutes having make-up put on by a professional make-up artist. I don't own any make-up other than a Burt's Bees all natural lip gloss so the world of mascara, powder, eyelash curlers, lip liners and eye colors was foreign to me. Then I met a very nice photographer who proceeded to take pictures of me for AN HOUR. By the time they were ready for the kids to be in a picture with me, the kids had completely lost their patience and it's not likely that they were able to get a good one of me with the kids. So I might be on a 20" x30" poster by myself. I'm quite sure that I never needed to see my face blown up to that size, professional make-up or no. I'm really hoping just one picture of me with the boys came out good enough. It was really hard to sit and keep smiling for that long. No action, no props, just me sitting on a box facing right, looking left, chin up, tilting my head, small smile, pearly whites smile- it just never ended. What a long day.

I WILL get on the treadmill tomorrow, for an hour! That's the plan and I'm sticking to it.

Pregnancy status: 10 weeks, 6 days; 204 days to go.


Triteacher said...

Hee, hee! The blue sounds like it'll be a smash hit and the modeling - aargh. I'm with you on the make-up (or lack thereof) - I am an au natural plain Jane girl.

Post the photo when it's ready!

ironjenny said...

Let's see the finished product!
I love to paint... $50 and 4 hours of your time and it's a whole new "space"....