Monday, January 08, 2007

The week started anyway

Not that it was a great start, but it was a start. I was up a couple times over the course of the night and moved out to the couch to escape the snorefest 18 inches from me in bed. The alarm went of at 4:45am (I've started sleeping in about 30 minutes because I've been more tired) and I heard the rain outside, so I laid there and listened to the rain for about 10 minutes before actually moving my body towards the door. I got to the gym for the 6am class and today was 35 minutes of kickboxing with 10 minutes of light weights and a stretch. Class was pretty decent for me although I'm definitely noticing a decrease in my energy output. But I was there.

I spent the weekend recovering from this stomach thing and I'm just not quite there yet. I'm guessing it could be back to pregnancy related nausea but I'm having major food aversions. Anything with taste- or smell, I can't eat it. So far I've mainly had toast, crackers, cheese, cereal, or chicken broth since Thursday lunch. Last night I was able to get down some scrambled eggs at least- firmly scrambled, along with the toast. That's probably the other reason my energy is low because I've got no protein in me. I couldn't even eat wheat pasta because it smelled too strong. I've had pregnancy food cravings before, but never food aversion this strong. I'm also still nauseated all the time. Unless I'm laying in my bed on my side only, I feel like crap. While I'm ranting and food's involved, WHY is there high fructose corn syrup in my bran flakes cereal?! I don't remember what brands I usually buy that don't have it but I was in Walmart last week and decided to buy a box. I tend to like cereals that taste like the box they come in- bland and a little cardboard-like. If someone wants a cereal with sweet taste, why would they choose bran flakes? I should have looked at the ingredients more carefully before I left the store but I just assumed that no one would adulterate my bran flakes with high fructose corn syrup- the crap of all sugars. Now I've got sweet bran flakes, so I'm mixing it with regular Special K because I'm too cheap to throw it out. Okay, pitiful pregnancy whining overwith.

I've got to try to get a family picture taken this week. Superman needs his 2-year picture taken and I usually do it on the kids' birthdays but last week it just didn't work out. Always interesting trying to get a good picture with both boys sitting and possibly smiling. Back to the regular routine, I'm off to have a bowl of cereal.

First meal update!! Tonight for dinner I ate the first real meal I had eaten since lunch on Thursday. It was the yummy ranch chicken pasta that Paul makes, without the parmesan cheese- which I usually love, or the wheat pasta- just plain white pasta. It was so nice to eat something with taste again. Almost 2 hours later it's still down, so it's all good tonight. Unfortunately, Superman napped this afternoon, so I anticipate a late bedtime tonight. I'm hoping I'll get into the gym at 5:30am for some cardio and then Butts & Gutts, we'll see what happens.

Pregnancy status: 9 weeks, 1 day: 216 days to go


Wes said...

Yea, high fructose corn syrup is in everything! I've managed to cut most of it out of my diet. Sorry to hear about your food aversion. I'm sure you have had SOME practice, so I know you'll get through it! I take it you are a morning exercisor! Good for you! I'm going to try to start training myself to get up earlier. We'll see how it goes.

ironjenny said...

Lucky Charms. Give in. It'll remind you of your happy childhood, and it has much less sugar tnan my OLD favortie, Total Raisin Bran...