Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Leaving Slugville, slowly

After 10 completely sloth-like days of no activity, the GYGO New Years Day triathlon at least motivated me off the couch for a little while yesterday. I knew that my triathlon would be a 2-day affair since the pool wasn't open until this morning. But I wanted to start the new year off with some activity so I thought I'd run and bike at home. First workout of the year and I'm already making changes. I got on the treadmill, figured I'd bang out 2 10-minute miles and be done. No problem, right? Wrong. I know that the first 3 minutes of running always suck for me, but then it gets better. And it did, until I hit 7 minutes, then it got worse again. I ran the first mile and then walked the next one- total time 24:23. I had planned to get on the trainer for the 10 miles after that, but the kids were playing downstairs while I was running and I'm too worried that Superman would come over and get his fingers in the spokes before I could stop the wheel, so I decided I'd bike this morning after swimming.

Got to the pool this morning for the 1200 yards, that part felt good. Total time: 23:12. That works out to approximately 1:56/100yards. Not great, but acceptable.

I got to the gym for the bike ride but had to cut it from 10 miles to 5 because I had to get to work. Stupid work. Oh well, I did what I could with the time I had and at least it was a fun way to start the year.

Happy Second Birthday to Superman! We're off to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate this afternoon and then home for some Carvel cake. Fortunately, he won't remember that it's left over from his birthday party last week so we can recycle the cake instead of buying a whole new one.

Pregnancy status: 8 weeks and 2 days, 222 days to go.


ironjenny said...

Considering that you are half nauseated all day, you still get full credit for your tri. I think you also should post the number of days 'til you exit the first trimester, since that's when you'll start feeling good again!

Wes said...

Finding a pool is high on my agenda this month. Good for you for getting out there and getin er done. I don't know why, but I always suck on my run for like the first two miles. LOL. I guess I'm just old(er) :-)

Congratulations on the baby! Another future Ironman in incubation!!