Thursday, January 18, 2007

Then again, sometimes it's just stupid

Last night I was in my bed at 8:30pm. Superman, who's only 2 years old, was serenading me with Twinkle, Twinkle and Rock-A-Bye Baby from his room and talking to his blankets, toys and walls. I think I was asleep before he was, I was out by 9pm. Sort of pathetic.

At 1am, there was HotWheels, standing next to my side of the bed. I tried to get him to go back to his bed but he was upset about something and crawled next to me and fell asleep. That displaced the cat, who felt that he should move over onto my head. After about 20 minutes of cramped discomfort I headed downstairs for the couch with my down comforter, which I love. I might have dosed for a few minutes before hearing "M-m-m-o-m-m-m-y-y-y-y!!!! (yes, with that many exclamation points)" echoing from Superman's room. I tried to let him just go, hoping he'd tire himself out. After what felt like forever, but was probably 20 minutes, I decided to get him. I put him in Hot Wheels' bed and laid down next to him. That was when I realized I had let him scream too long because he had fully woken himself up and was ready to get up for the day there at 3:20am. I tried to doze, at least he's relatively quiet, but he was playing with my face, my hair, my clothes, the blankets and sheet and his fingers and toes until 4:42am. Then, he fell asleep. How convenient that my alarm goes off at 4:44am. The alarm went off and I nearly cried. I was awake enough, though, that I wouldn't have fallen immediately asleep myself so I got up and hit the gym. It was spin class this morning and I attempted a good effort but I really have no idea how hard I worked. I don't really know how I got through the day, I was chewing gum at my desk just to try to keep myself awake. Just last night I think I commented to Shytrigirl that sometimes your body tells you it needs a break and you've got to listen. I think tomorrow morning I'm sleeping in a little. I just can't make another day on less than 4-5 hours of sleep. And interrupted sleep at that.

I was hoping I might look half way decent tomorrow, too, because I have to have my picture taken at work. About a year and a half ago our company launched a new employee health and wellness program. We've got the on-site fitness center with group classes, nutrition counselors and personal trainers all for only $25 a month! There are incentive programs to help people improve their lifestyle in whatever manner is needed such as weight loss, stress reduction, better nutrition or fitness, etc. They were looking for volunteer health captains to promote the programs to colleagues. There I was, returning from maternity leave, I had started the pregnancy at 194 pounds and ended well over 200 pounds. I REALLY wanted to get in shape. We had just found out that Paul had type II diabetes and he was working towards his eventual 40 pound weight loss. We wanted to set healthy examples for our 2 young boys so they would grow up with better health. I decided to become a health captain and that gave me more motivation to get in shape. I couldn't tell other people how to do it if I hadn't made some improvements myself. Our site program leaders asked 3 of us (out of 4000 on campus) to share our success stories for our colleagues. I've managed to maintain my approximately 35 pound weight loss for over a year and now I've become a triathlete. I guess that makes me a success. More important to me, I do feel like I'm a good role model for a healthy lifestyle for my boys. They usually pick fruits over chips or sweets, and they think everyone exercises regularly. They're coming in to work tomorrow to be in the picture as well. Maybe a good night's sleep will make me look a little better. Or at least not fall asleep.

That's going to put me at only 3 workouts for the week, can I get on the treadmill 2 days this weekend? Not likely since we're painting the boys' room on Saturday, but we'll see what I can do.

Pregnancy status: 10 weeks, 4 days; 206 days to go

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Duane said...

Rest is good! They tell me that's when we grow and get stronger. Hope you get some sleep!