Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me=1, Inertia= 0

The alarm went off this morning and boy, did my body want to remain at rest. Superman was up at 1:30am, went back to sleep around 2am. Then Hot Wheels got up about 2:10am, I got him settled back in bed and got back into my bed around 2:30am. At 3:15am he was up again, so I got out of my bed, he went to sleep there and I went to sleep in his room until 4:50am when the alarm rudely awakened me. I spent about 15 minutes deciding whether I was going to get up to get to the gym, therefore I missed out on my 20 minutes of cardio before Gutts and Butts class. But I made it to class and gave it a decent effort. One of the other trainers asked whether I've been feeling alright lately because I seem pretty tired. I've got about 2 more weeks until I want to make my pregnancy general news around here so I just gave the same kids not sleeping excuse I usually use. I'm also wearing my glasses because my eye is still inflamed so I look even more tired, I guess. But, the workout is done!

We finally got our family picture taken over the weekend, I'll post a picture when I get them online. The boys were both very well behaved, which was a surprise and a blessing because it could have been ugly. I can't imagine the circus it will be eventually trying to get three kids to sit for pictures, ugh. I did manage to get on the treadmill Sunday afternoon, so the 5 days a week of workouts streak continues 2 weeks into the new year. Not really newsworthy but it's all I've got to go with, so I'll do that.

Pregnancy status: 10 weeks, 2 days; 208 days to go.


Triteacher said...

I don't know how you do it! Getting up that early and still trying to function during the day would be an impossibility for me. You're tough.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Getting up and out the door is the hardest part for the rest of us, and you do it in the first trimester! You are an inspiration.