Sunday, January 28, 2007

Unintentional weight loss

Never thought I'd utter these words but I unintentionally lost a pound last week. I realize that a pound is no big deal, but given that pregnancy generally brings gains only in that department it was a pleasant surprise. Today starts my second trimester (according to some sources) and I'm up 2.5 pounds which I'm happy about. This morning for church I wore my nice pants for definitely the last time- maternity dress pants will be unpacked for next weekend. But those pants didn't have a lot of room in them before I was pregnant so I'm glad they lasted this long. Excuse what I'm sure seems to be an obsession about my clothing but having been a fat pregnant lady twice, I'm sort of enjoying being a not-technically- fat-even- though-I-didn't- reach-my-goal- before-getting- pregnant pregnant lady.

More work around the house this weekend, we finally finished the boys' room- I'll post pictures soon. We also packed up Superman's crib and last night was his first night in a bed. It wasn't a resounding success, but it's a start. The crib will enjoy a 6 month storage stint in the attic before getting one last go around in August. The closet needed re-organizing and it's just about finished. Now, Hot Wheels' former bedroom is currently the junk room that needs to be cleaned out but I didn't have the energy. Yesterday was the start of an annual sale at my favorite used book store near our house. It's got to be the most awesome used book store ever, it's 5 buildings on a property with thousands of books and everything was 30% off. Paperbacks are $1 and hardcover books are usually $4. The only triathlon book I've been able to find is IronFit, but I keep checking the sports section for more tri stuff. I keep hoping.

Current pregnancy cravings: tomatoes and strawberries- not together, though. We bought 2 pounds of strawberries and 2 pounds of the largest cherry tomatoes I have ever seen at BJs on Friday. Unfortunately I had to share the strawberries (the only drawback to raising 2 fruit loving kids is that I have to fight for my own fruit) but I've almost finished all the tomatoes on my own.

Unfortunately, we all came down with colds this weekend and my throat feels like I swallowed glass last night. I hope this cold doesn't get too much worse and derail this week's workouts, but I'll have to wait and see. Both boys napped today, during the day, so I'm fearing a bad night for sleeping. Maybe some children's cold medicine will knock them out for the night.

Pregnancy status: 12 weeks, 196 days to go. Finally feel like the nausea is subsiding, waiting for the exhaustion to follow. (Or maybe it's just my life that's exhausting me.)

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ironjenny said...

Gosh this is going fast... 12 weeks already...
I hit 201 with Bobby and 198 with Ally - I was a true fat pregnant lady. But I still think fondly of those 30 some-odd weeks of Dairy Queen Blizzards 3 or 4 times a week... Toward the end, the soles of my feet were just killing me to walk around. I don't know who obese people do it all year, year after year...
Send the boys' room pics! I can't believe how busy you are!