Friday, January 26, 2007

Half an inch makes all the difference

Here's our recent family photo.

I'm wearing my regular jeans today, zippered still, but there's an elastic band around the button and through the loop. It only gives me about an extra half an inch at my waist, but it's the difference between comfort and well, discomfort. Ahhh. Apparently you can buy a $25 contraption that pretties up the elastic band, but since no one can see it anyway under my sweater, I'll stick with the 350 for $1 method, or however much this rubber piece of wonder cost.

Week in Review:
Goal #1- Five days of workouts, check. Monday was cardio strength (intervals class with weights at the end), Tuesday- 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer then 45 minutes of Gutts & Butts, Wed- 45 minute swim- 1800 yards, Thurs- 45 min. cardio interval class- including 9 times running up and down the 20 step stair case on the way to the gym, Friday – 60 minute swim, 2000 yards. The workouts felt good, although I’ve realized that abs are quickly becoming uncomfortable and as the one trainer at the gym that knows I’m pregnant pointed out- “they’re going to be gone soon no matter what you do, so work on stretching instead”.
Goal #2- Back to calorie tracking, semi-check. I wasn’t totally faithful with it, but at least the last 2 days I’ve been better. I’m going to stick with it, I am!
Goal #3- Not get so aggravated over things at work and accept that sometimes life just isn’t fair, failed miserably. Ended up crying twice this week over how much I hate that place. Once it was while I was at home which aggravated me even more because I was letting work interfere with my happy time at home with the family. (The other time was in the car and it passed relatively quickly.) I’m generally not a crier, could be the extra hormones swirling around in addition to the other crap, I’ll try that goal again, after I’m done with this pity-party.
That was it for big goals for the week, don’t want to have too much to try to focus on, otherwise life gets in the way and then it all falls apart. It’s Friday, though, which means “pizza picnic night”. We rent a kids’ movie and all watch it while eating pizza on a blanket in the family room. It’s always a good time and we’re up to date on the latest releases in preschool appropriate movies. I haven’t seen a current movie rated above PG in years. I keep thinking we should rent a movie and watch it after the kids go to bed on a Friday or Saturday but I can’t stay awake. At least some day, when we all get more sleep so I can stay awake past 9pm or the kids are old enough to be out and about on a Friday or Saturday night, we’ll have years worth of entertainment catching up on all these years of movies we haven’t seen. Not too many are worth 2 hours of my time, though, maybe while I’m on the bike trainer or treadmill- there’s a plan. I’d just have to find the time to get in weekend workouts, also not going to happen in the near future.

Pregnancy status: 11 weeks, 5 days- 198 days to go. (Under the 200 days mark!)


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I'm envious of your swim time this week. The pool at my gym is still down for maintenance with no solid ETA in sight. :(

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

oh, and i should have mentioned. Nice looking bunch!!

Duane said...

Nice looking family! Good job on the workouts too! Don't feel too bad about crying about the job, I, a man, cried once last year when I was assigned a certain assistant. Can't tell my hunting buddies though! :-)

Triteacher said...

Very cute family pic! Sorry to hear about work; that's the worst when it interferes with your happy time. That's why I always exercise in the evening; I need to unwind.

ironjenny said...

That's too bad things haven't improved at work. I put on KTIS (our local Christian station) - it's light-rock sounding but the message always calms me. Maybe try putting it on in the car on the way home from that place... KTIS makes me just let people cut me off in traffic...
good luck. ;-)