Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another stomach adventure

The other day I ran so fast- relatively speaking- I thought I might throw up. Last night I ate enough I almost felt the same. We went out for our anniversary, the kids when to play with their cousins, Aunt and Grandma so we were able to sit and eat without cutting someone else's food, trying to find something to amuse the kids, keeping them from running in a restaurant or bothering other patrons. We had a chance to talk and it was nice. The restaurant was an all natural menu, no hydrogenated oils or trans-fats anywhere so we could order something fried! And we did. The sweet potato fries with smoked ketchup were awesome. I had a squash almond bisque that was interesting but good, a portabella burger sandwich that was a little disappointing and then a chocolate hazelnut cake that was incredible! Paul had some really good potato enchiladas that I think I might pick when we go back some day. It was nice to have some time to ourselves, it's quite a rarity these days.

On a kid related note, I just packed up the high chair this morning and C. is only 21 months old. Do all second children seem to grow up at the speed of light? He's doing things at his age that M. never would have attempted. He's still got a limp from last week's dog injury but he's improved greatly so we expect he'll be back to traveling at mach 2 any day now.

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