Monday, October 30, 2006

I could take me (stupidity for the day)

This morning was kickboxing class at the gym- it's aerobic kickboxing so non contact, usually. We were doing a drill with lateral shuffles followed by uppercuts and a hook. I have a tendency to not pick my feet up high enough and once I took a side shuffle tumble into the floor. Since then I try to concentrate on picking my feet up. The instructor reminded us about good form on the punches and for some reason when I tried to concentrate on my uppercut, I didn't pull it fast enough and I hit my own chin. Another mysterious habit of mine is to often bite my tongue during class. Like little kids that stick their tongues out when exerting themselves, mine doesn't stick out of my mouth but it's often between my teeth, as it was during that drill. So, I punched myself in the chin causing my teeth to rattle each other, thus biting my tongue and drawing a little blood. Fortunately nobody else saw that display of incredible form and grace. At least now I know if I ever had to fight myself, I think I could take me.

Yesterday was speed work that had nothing to do with anything physical. Our church had speed pie-baking for an upcoming bazaar. The goal was to make 60 pies in 60 minutes and if we didn't exactly make the time cut-off, we certainly were close. I was a crust roller, so for an hour we stood in the kitchen rolling out the dough. I'm so not handy in the kitchen, but I was able to at least be a body to help, even if I didn't produce the most beautiful crusts. I purchased one of the pies before leaving and baked it last night. After dinner I offered the boys pie or yogurt, they both chose yogurt- so I ate the pie. No one will ever make an apple pie as good as my mom's, I'm sure, but I always like apple pie. It was nice to get out and see people for a while on a nice fall afternoon.

Then, with the time change, the boys were in bed at 7:30 and 8pm. It was great. I read a book for a while and then I think I was asleep by 9pm. I'm not going to let their bedtimes creep up again, this schedule will work out fine. They're both excited for Halloween tomorrow, I'll have to post pictures of them all dressed up.


nancytoby said...

Sticking your tongue out is a sign of intense concentration (in some people)! Not good to bite then, though!! :-)

triteacher said...

I love the visual of the tongue incident! I'm a triathlete precisely because it doesn't take a lot of coordination - I would be a tongue-biter too.