Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Today was the first day of my grand plan to do two class workouts at the gym. At 6am we had Gutts&Butts which is a pretty intense weight training class focusing on core and lower body. We did a TON of lunges and squats, many crunches and some exercises that made my glute muscles want to cry- or at least revolt against the rest of my body. Then at 12:10pm we had spin class. There were 18 people in class, which is extremely crowded for our small class space and the temperature in class before we even got started was over 70 degrees. Not the most comfortable, but it was an excellent workout, as always. I was pretty beat by the end of the day, especially since this was one of the busiest days I've had in months. We took the kids to the playground and I got to sit on the ground while pushing C. on the swing, which was a nice little rest. I was up at 4:33am and I finally sat down to relax at 6:22pm after the kids were out of the bath and ready to sit for a little while before bed.

I'm trying to really focus on weight loss for a little while since I'm not in training for any upcoming events. I've been (relatively) dilligently tracking my calorie intake and increasing my cardio to burn more calories. I've also got 2 strength training classes a week so I'm not forsaking muscle work for straight cardio. I got stuck at 39 pounds lost and I'd like to see the last 15 pounds or so come off. It's been a lot harder than I expected, the first 30 pounds were relatively easy, the next 9 took a while and obviously I just haven't worked hard enough yet for those last pounds. I felt like I was working hard enough that I should just lose the weight, as if I deserve it. However, calories in have to be less than calories out for weight loss to occur, and I was obviously missing out somewhere. Enough whining, time for the effort.

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Siren said...

Don't get too discouraged by a plateau - they're tear-your-hair-out frustrating but normal. In 3 years I've had 2 - oddly enough, I got stuck at 39 pounds this last time (it took 10 months to break it, which drove me insane.)