Saturday, October 14, 2006

One missed step

This morning was our local Touch-A-Truck so we took M. and C. down to the school parking lot to check out a fire truck, a street sweeper, an army rescue/fire truck, a police SUV- with K9 on site, a few tractors and some other random trucks. The boys enjoyed themselves for a while and then we hit the playground. After that we stopped off at a restroom for M. to go, and then we were headed out the door and that's when I missed the step. Literally I didn't see a step coming and I took it hard on my right foot. The same foot that I sprained about 5 weeks ago and still had occasional twinges from as it was. Tears sprang to my eyes and for a minute I thought something was broken. After the initial pain I realized that I was going to be alright and it is, for walking. However, I'm pretty sure that running's going to be out for at least a few days and I'm going to be using my hands to clip out of the spin bikes in class.

Why is it that some people can avoid stupid injuries for most, if not all of, their lives and then there's me, who's injured myself doing the most mundane things, like walking off a step? I might not be the toughest person walking around but I think I've got a pretty decent pain tolerance, and I'm not nearly as prone to exaggeration as I once was. I'm sure that I re-aggravated the previous sprain and it's really annoying. I wish I wasn't such a clutz.

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Geek Girl said...

i've known a couple of triathletes who had similar experiences - just walking around, not even training, and broke something. Just walking out of their houses and such. Maybe we're hypervigilant while training.