Sunday, October 15, 2006

First triathlon disaster dream

I'm not particularly in training right now, no events scheduled for the foreseeable future. Somehow my brain thought I'd like to run through a triathlon disaster dream last night. It was an Olympic distance race and when I got there I realized I had no socks, no goggles, no gels, no bike shoes and no water bottles. Not sure what I did have but I was on the phone trying to call someone and tell them where those things were at home so I could get them in the next 12 minutes because that's when the race was going to start. A very odd feeling to that dream and the part I was most annoyed about was the goggles. Since I wear contacts and I can't help but open my eyes while swimming, there's no way I could ever swim without the goggles. Maybe some day when there's no risk to LASIK I'll make the investment, but I've been wearing contacts so long they're not much of a hassle anymore so I'm in no particular rush.

I've got to get back to the pool. I'm going to copy workouts that I've seen posted by other people and give them a try. Granted those workouts have been posted by people that are all better swimmers than I am, but at least it will give me a harder workout for my upcoming- 3 sport 24-hours day.

I love Sunday. The kids and I just got back from church, we'll go over to see my parents later this afternoon, there's football to watch and no work. A good day. Up until about 7pm anyway, when I started thinking about how I have to go back to work tomorrow and that makes me sad. Oh well, the bills won't pay themselves and that independently wealthy plan hasn't really worked out.


Siren said...

Every Sunday night when we start dreading work Monday (for us it's around 9:00) my husband asks me "did you write your novel yet?"

It used to be "did you buy a lottery ticket yet?" Apparently he's decided there's better odds of me becoming a famous writer than us winning the lottery. I wish I had his confidence about that : )

jbmmommy said...

I've had a "novel" in my head for years. I'm just not sure I've got that much to say that people would want to hear, err read.

Boofykatz said...

Good blog - keep blogging. We've done the child thing, wish we could do it again! Best of luck with your triathlons - I learned to swim so I could do one but learned that I am no swimmer - so I just stick to the running. We are maniac cat people, so if you want cat talk drop us a line!