Monday, October 16, 2006

A pleasant surprise

This morning my foot wasn't nearly as sore as I had expected during class. It was cardio intervals so there was a lot of stepping up onto and off of the step. The over-the-tops were a little tough because the sideways motion of stopping the move and reversing direction felt a bit unstable and a little hard on my foot. It didn't give out, though, and I think I should be alright to try running again tomorrow. I didn't want to wait too long before running again, especially having a good week last week, with 2 p.r. miles. The week has just filled up with plans and I don't see myself finding a day to get back into the pool, unless it's a family visit where there's no useful swimming to be done. Tomorrow I do have to leave work at 8am to watch the kids for the day so Paul can help my dad out with his boat. I'm looking forward to a day of at-home-mom stuff. I get to do the drop off and pick up for preschool, play for the afternoon and then bring dinner over to grandma's to celebrate her birthday. That should be fun.

Grandma bought the boys Halloween costumes yesterday. M. is going to be Spiderman and C. is Thomas the Tank Engine. M. was so excited about his costume that he wants to wear it all the time. Better than last year when he cried because I tried to put his costume on him. I just can't figure kids out.

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Tersie said...

Glad to see your foot is not hurt as bad as you thought it might be! It's also comforting to see a working mom who has actually found the time to train and take part in a triathlon! It gives me hope that it is indeed possible for me too!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I need to keep it updated a little more regularly. I'm impressed by the way you keep yours updated! Very nice.

Thanks again! :)