Thursday, October 12, 2006


This morning, about half way through spin class, my legs decided they were done. Fried. Jelly. All she wrote. We were in a standing climb drill and I usually try not to use my whole hand on the handlebars, just a couple fingers on each hand. Half way through the drill I was using my whole hand for support and by the end of the climb I was thinking of just leaning over and resting on my elbows. It was a tough class. Yoga after class felt good but my toes have never seemed so far away, I almost couldn't reach them. This week has been much tougher on my body than I've worked lately. I'm hoping for a good short run before weight class tomorrow. Our instructor, Chris, likes to make sure that when we get up Saturday morning we're reminded of Friday morning's workout. Strength class is always tough with him.

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