Friday, November 03, 2006

Ending on a high note

This week has not been great. My workouts have been completely uninspired (or undone, as in Wednesday) and I've eaten like crap. Good grief, I ate a Hostess Cupcake last night!! I'm thinking the awful diet choices I made led to the headache that hit me yesterday afternoon. I took half a sick day, went home and napped with C. for a couple hours. I was still able to get to sleep last night so that means I really needed that nap.

Anyway, enter, the pool. This morning I was in the water at 5:05am and I completed my longest continuous swim ever! I did 80 lengths= 2000 yards= 1828.8 meters= 1.14 miles in 39 minutes and something. That's approximately 34 minute mile pace. It's the first swim workout I've done on my own where I got really tired out. After 60 lengths I dropped out many of the flip turns, especially if it was going to mess the rhythm of my breathing. I'm a bilateral 3-stroke breather. It felt pretty comfortable, though. I could have pushed harder I supposed but that wasn't the point. If I had pushed harder I might not have made it as far.

An acquaintance from work arrived as I hit the last wall at 80 lengths, I ended up doing a few laps of kicking and then a last full stroke set. We have a very similar pace so we're planning to swim together on Fridays. That pace was a little faster than my 1+ mile pace, but it still felt like I could sustain it for a while. It will be nice to have someone to train with. She's preparing for an iron distance event next September and she's already got biking and running training partners so she was also looking for someone to swim with. A nice fit. I'm feeling back on track now. Even though it is Friday- which is blueberry pancake day, I think I can get back on track with the diet, too. Halloween candy's got nothing on my willpower, I hope.


Geek Girl said...

I wish I had someone to work out with - nobody works out as slow as I do! With regards to your post on my blog, 2 years ago I think I said something like, "I'll try some triathlons, but I'll never, ever do a marathon or an ironman. That's just crazy."

TriSaraTops said...

GREAT job on the swim! :) Hey, don't beat yourself up about that cupcake. It happens to the best of us...for me it's white chocolate reese's cups...hee hee