Saturday, November 18, 2006

Really cool thing

We went down to the beach and playground this morning for a couple hours. The boys had a blast. I did manage to get myself to hanging upside down from the monkey bars. Mom's still got a little flexibility left, Hot Wheels seemed at least slightly impressed that mom was swinging by her legs.

There was someone down at the beach swimming this morning. Swimming, in regular swim trunks. The weather's in the 50s and the water didn't seem much warmer, that's a hardiness I just don't have in me!

We were walking on the beach and we saw a wind swirl picked up the leaves in a little tornado-like action and go across the parking lot. Hot Wheels wanted to run in the wind storm but he couldn't play in the parking lot. The wind tunnel moved across the lot and headed up the hill, Hot Wheels took off after it, but couldn't quite catch up for a while. Finally, near the top of the hill he got in the middle of it. The leaves were swirling all over and it was really cool to watch. It was moving slower and he stayed right in the middle of it for probably close to five minutes. Superman and I caught up and I held him in the wind tunnel for a little while, but the whipping wind and leaves made him nervous. A bunch of people were out walking and they came over to watch Hot Wheels running around in the middle of those leaves. Of course the camera decided to stop working right then, but it would have been hard to capture in a photo anyway. It was really cool. Another nice trip to the beach and playground.

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