Friday, November 24, 2006

Apparently, I've got time

I've been trying for an hour and a half to place an order through the Walmart website because there's no way I was leaving my house this morning like a regular 4:30am work morning, just to stand in line to buy some toys. I'd much rather sit and swear at my computer for slow load times and error messages on websites, but if I can get these 4 items in my shopping cart- Santa's just about finished for the year already. So here I sit.

I hope everyone else had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a good time. I am lucky to have just about the most awesome husband in the world who cooked a great turkey, with all the fixins' (except the Boston Market Stuffing) and did 90% of the work to clean the house and get ready. He's most definitely a keeper- in so many more ways than one. I ate relatively well for a Thanksgiving, knowing that I'd give in and eat more apple pie than I should, but I "budgeted" the calories by attending Master Blast on Wednesday. I did the 30 minutes of kickboxing, 30 minutes of step intervals and then 40 minutes of spin. It was a great class. Yesterday we also spent most of the morning cleaning and I scrubbed the hardwood floor in the kitchen, family room and hallway so that worked off a few more calories in itself. I think the house right now is the cleanest it has been since we moved in. The thing I like the least about having a ranch house is that when we have people over there's no real way to block off the bedroom areas. So, we have to clean them. With small children, no door's going to stay closed and they're not going to stay out- especially when there's a cat to chase there. It's one of the things we like about hosting Thanksgiving because we know that at least once a year all the furniture will get moved to vacuum, including the fridge, stove and dishwasher. Feels good to have a really clean house, even if it will be back to normal by mid-afternoon Saturday.

While cleaning the floors yesterday, though, I realized more closely the full extent of the damage we inflict upon the house regularly. Our hallway is regularly the site of Hot Wheels' car races. That's a great game we play when approximately 200 cars are raced a.k.a. hurled down the hall towards the baseboard molding at the end. That baseboard, and the ones on the side along the way down the hall, is pretty beat.

The kids all had a good time yesterday, too. There were the six cousins, ages 9, almost 6, 5, 3.5, almost 3 and almost 2. It's quite a bit of activity when we're all together and it's a good thing our basement is finished, otherwise the day would be chaos.

another Problem Loading Page from Walmart. com. I'm off to phone customer service before they're all sold out of stuff. Enjoy the weekend everyone. I'll be back in December. Oh yeah, and along with everyone else I was counting my blessings yesterday to give thanks. Life's great.


Anonymous said...

I am not a shopper and yet, there I was on Friday morning, at Shopko, buying a Christmas present. I, however, am like you, the rest of them will be purchased online. Have a good trip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving! Most of my shopping will be done online. I am not a shopper - at all. Crowds at Christmas time just stress me out. I am envious that you have yours taken care of now. I need to try to do that next year. I've only barely begun to shop.