Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Walking can be work!

After kick-my-butt bootcamp this morning I decided to go with a walking workout rather than trying to run. Bootcamp was tough, I wish that class was 30 minutes instead of only 20. We were divided into teams for a couple exercises. We all carried our hand weights to one end of the room and then they had to carried one at a time by all the team members twice across the room. Then we had to side shuffle behind our step benches and touch our inside hand to the outside of the bench. The lateral shuffles always make me nervous because in the past I have forgotten to pick up my feet and fallen over, quite ungracefully. Anyway, I always leave there pretty exhausted, but it's fun.

For the walking workout I decided to start out at 4.4 mph and incline by 3% every 3 minutes. I made it up to 9% and then I was holding on to the rails, so I didn't do 12 or 15% as I have in the past. This cold is still a bit in my chest and breathing was getting tough, next week I'll try to get through the whole cycle. I also turned the speed down to 4mph at 9% and left it there for the decreasing incline heights. I walked another mile at 0% incline, 4.4 mph- so in about 30 minutes I managed to burn a grand total of only 200 calories. For the amount of effort it felt like I was putting in, it didn't burn nearly as many as calories as I would have thought, or liked.

So, if anyone's got some kid suggestions, here are the 2 scenarios. We've got M. at three and a half years old he's generally a happy kid. The thing that's driving us nuts lately is the constant asking for something. "I want milk", "I want a snack", "I want to watch kid TV", it's nearly a constant barrage. By the time I got home today, Paul was completely at the end of his patience. I took the boys out with me, we had to buy their nice outfits for a party this weekend, some shoes for C. and then we went to Chuck E Cheeses to play for about an hour. We're not 2 steps inside the door after we get home and M. is asking "Can I watch some kid TV?". I tell him no, he starts crying. How do we curb the constant asking for things?

Now the situation with C. He's currently asleep on the couch, has been for almost an hour. Unfortunately, this will mess with bedtime, but he absolutely refuses to nap during the day. He will stand in his crib and scream himself hoarse for up to an hour- Paul's generally given up by then. Some days he doesn't nap at all, but if there's a car ride, he'll generally fall asleep. Should they all go for a ride every afternoon to get his nap in? He can't be old enough to give it up permanently- he's not even 2 yet! Anyway, as much as I'd likely regret it- anyone got any ideas on these?

Overall it was a decent day. It's preformance review time of year at work, which is always a pain. Trying to put down on paper how you pretty much walk on water every day for just doing whatever it is that's your job. It's ridiculous. But, it pays the bills, I've got the gym and every now and then it's an interesting job. Still wish I could be at home with the boys, but until that winning lottery ticket falls in my hands, it's up at 4:30am and off to work.


Ellie said...

Great workout!

Toddlers & naps -- I avoided naps for anyone 2 or over, for the very reason you described: fall asleep in the afternoon and they were up till midnight. That fine line where they're young enough to still need one but old enough to do better without.... that's a troublesome spot but it gets better. In the meantime, I forget -- earlier bedtime? Or a car ride around 1pm.... or, if he falls asleep, let it be a power nap, wake him up after half an hour?

I'll let someone else take up room on the constant requests :-)

Michelle said...

You can WALK at 4.4 mph (*jaw on floor*). Seriously?!

Good lord woman, you must have legs a mile long. I have to start jogging around 3.9.

I think you're in much better shape for running than you let on - the immense efforts you're describing here (4.4 mph with 9-15% inclines?!) should be more than comparable to the effort necessary for a nice running pace.

Michelle said...

BTW - it's me. Stupid Blogger Beta login keeps putting my RL name up. (Siren)