Saturday, November 18, 2006

The willpower of, well, someone without willpower

My calorie total from Thursday ended up not being so bad, 1810. (my recommended range is 1450-1800). Yesterday, however, is another story. I blew past the limit with a grand total of 2019 calories. I'm hoping the estimate's a little high because some items I didn't have exact nutritional info on so I used substitutes that I think might be a little worse. But, it's possible that it's the damage for yesterday. Of course tomorrow's the day I've got to fit into that size 6 dress, so today I've got to be better. Not likely since I've already had an apple turnover. Damn willpower, or lack thereof. I can be really good for a week or so and then I have a couple bad days. However, in the big scheme of things, like the rest of my life, a couple bad days isn't so awful. We'll see what happens at Monday's weigh in. To maintain would be fine with me for this week, I just hope to avoid a gain. Oh well, I get what I deserve in this case.

From here on out, I'm stealing the idea from Trimama's ultra cool blog and giving the kids new names. M. is now Hot Wheels, and C. is Superman. Those are 2 of the current favorite things in their lives. M. had been completely obsessed with cars since before he turned 2. C. was a little harder to pin down since he doesn't really have a singular obsession, I almost went with BusBoy, but it sounded a little like I had chosen his future career path. It's fine if he wants to be a bus boy some day, but I don't want to limit his options. Other ideas with PlaydoughBoy, Airplane or Nature Boy- since I swear, he'd live outside if he could. Speaking of which, we're off to the local park and beach for some play and run around time. I love the weekend.

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