Monday, November 06, 2006

Week #2 stats: Nov. 6-12

Not sure which of these stats will be a regular, we'll give it a try and see.
Monday weigh-in & measurements:
159 pounds (yep, almost back to 160, yikes)
waist- 31.5"
hips- 38"
thigh- 23"
bicep- 12.75"

Daily stats:
calories: 1389
water: 70 ounces
sleep: 6.5 hours (not a good night)
general mood: tired and it's Monday
pedometer total: 10042 (plus some time at home after I changed clothes)

treadmill 15 minutes @ 9:31-8:57 mile pace. Total- 1.65 miles, 220 calories
HR @ 15 min- 168, 16 min- 142, 17 min- 123 (hand held HR monitor on treadmill)
40 minute interval workout, high intensity step intervals. HR @ 40 min- 174 (10 second count) approx 450 calories

Overall workout was very challenging, felt dizzy in a couple intervals, more sluggish than usual- due to lack of sleep?

calories: 1447
water: 80 ounces (many trips to the bathroom)
sleep: 5 hours (not a good night, again!)
general mood: tired
pedometer total: 9406 (plus weight lifting "credit")

elliptical trainer- 20 minutes on random setting, 186 calories burned
Butts & Gutts- core and lower body strength training class, 40 minutes
stretching- 10 minutes

calories: 1499
water: 76 ounces
sleep: 3 straight then 4 broken (getting better)
general mood: good
pedometer total: 12998

Bootcamp- 20 minute HIGH INTENSITY aerobic/anaerobic interval class. Short but killer.
Jog then walk on the treadmill- 25 minutes. The running just wasn't happening, an incline walk at 4.5mph and then cool down at 0% incline. My heart rate was still above 140 most of the time.

calories: 1531
water: 70 ounces
sleep: 6.5 hours
general mood: good
pedometer total: 9374

Spin class: a little tough this morning and I think after giving blood yesterday I just didn't have as much energy so I didn't push it as much. Then 20 minute yoga stretch, felt good.

calories: 1811
water: 60 ounces
sleep: 7 hours, but broken after 4 hours
general mood: good
Pedometer total: 8942

15 minutes on the track walking and light jogging- 1.25 miles.
Swim workout: 200 yards strong, 100 y kick, 100 y pull, repeated
100m 1 arm drill, 100m thmb drag drill, repeat
2x100 all out
200 cool down
Swim workout felt good

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