Monday, November 13, 2006

Week # 3 stats: Nov. 13-19

Weigh-in: 158 - I'm not just in denial, I'm quite sure the scale reading was wrong. When I got to the gym and weighed myself fully clothed on that scale I was still less than at home- sans clothes. For that reason, I'll check again tomorrow morning, our bathroom scale is often fickle. If I can't get consistent readings here I might switch to a Friday morning at the gym scale reading, accounting for the fact that I'll be wearing clothes there- much to the relief of my fellow gym-goers.

Anyway- here are the daily stats:
Calories: 1409- and I have achieved that which I never thought possible. I actually feel full and happy on less than 1500 calories. My meals today consisted of a bowl of Kashi and milk for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine panini sandwich for lunch, a snack of string cheese and then a yummy dinner of chicken breast and provolone on Carb Style wheat bread and a great salad with greens, strawberries, apples and pears with some balsamic spray. I had a few pretzel rods with the boys, too. I thinkI should add another protein in the morning, like some cottage cheese, so I'm not so hungry mid-afternoon, but the salad with dinner really filled me up and it was delicious.
Water: 70 ounces
Sleep: we're now on day 7 of not sleeping through the night, I'm doing better with it. I've been up since 3:30am every weekday morning, except last Tuesday when it was 2:30am. Anyway, last night was somewhere between 5-6 hours of broken sleep. I'm also dealing with a cold now, I've got a sore throat and my head's a bit "foggy", I hope it passes soon.
Mood: Surprisingly, really good. I had a good day at work and was really pretty productive.
Pedometer: 8388 as of now, it's retired for the night.

Workout: Elliptical trainer, random program level 9- not too challenging for 10 minutes before class. Then 45 minutes of circuit training. A good mix of relatively high intensity cardio with some light weights thrown in.

Calories: 1485, still felt pretty satisfied on that for the day. I did have gingersnaps after dinner, but I saved enough calories for them. I love ginger snaps. I've got some Snyders Buffalo Pretzel Nuggets, too, I'm saving those for a special occasion. They're awesome.
Water: 70 ounces
Sleep: Who knows, one kid ended up in our bed and I ended up in the other bed with the other kid. Whatever.
Mood: Very good. Especially considering I've still got this sore throat and a naggy headache, too.

Elliptical trainer- 20 minutes, 160 calories. Not too strenuous, but this cold is still sapping my aerobic energy a bit. Then Gutts & Butts class- always quite a strenuous workout, especially for the glutes and quads- lots of squats and lunges. Tomorrow's kick-my-ass bootcamp class, bright and early at 5:35am.

Calories: 1385
Water: 80 ounces
Sleep: Finally made it through the night (only one quick wake up)! 7 hours.
Mood: Good, a little groggy at first though from getting a full night sleep.

Kick-my-butt bootcamp. High intensity aerobic and anaerobic intervals with some weight work. Approx. 200 calories, 20 minutes.
Walking program: 4.4 mph with incline, decrease to 4 mph at 9%. Then a mile at 4 mph- 200 calories total, approx 30 minutes.

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tri-mama said...

Wow, it looks like you are working hard- that's tough to do when you are feeding a family, keep it up! I've completely lost my patience with getting no sleep, so now if I go several nights with no sleep I take a tylenol pm.