Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gratuitous kid promotion

Here's the post where I have too many pictures of my boys. (Not that I think such a thing exists, but you might) I did not feel like working out this morning, so I "slept in". That's in quotes because 5 minutes after I turned off the alarm, M. woke up with a cough and then about 20 minutes later C. was up, too. I stayed home until just after 6am so Paul could get a little more sleep because he wasn't feeling well either.

I'm not sure how the pictures appear in the post, so the description might not be close to the picture it's describing but if you care I'm sure you can figure it out- the date's on most of them.
Here they are last night just before trick-or-treating. It's hard to imagine that C. isn't even 2 years old yet. He keeps up like he's 3. Poor guy couldn't reach the door as quickly as M. so people would open the door and say "Look, it's Spiderman!" and C. would be running for the door yelling "Thomas Engine, Thomas Engine!". He just wanted everyone to see him, too. They were good for about 14 houses and then they were done and we walked back. Next year I want costumes for the dogs, too, who were also very good. Most perfect weather ever for a Halloween.

And you've got to love the day after Halloween sale, so here's a picture of them wearing 2 of the costumes I picked up today for only $5. I bought five of them, so they can dress up whenever they want.

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