Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm a hit at nursery school

I went to M's class this morning and brought some dry ice and food coloring. I was a little nervous that the kids would get bored, it was a blast! We had fog with the dry ice and water, add a little dish soap and voila- bubbles that everyone loved. Then they had droppers with colored water to put into tubes, another bit of great fun, I guess. Even the parents coming to pick kids up hung around a bit for the fog and bubbles. It was a great time, but I was sweating- that's busy work keeping 15 3-year olds happy and occupied!

After that we went to get tires for my car. A really aggravating experience because Walmart didn't have the tired and then we get to BJs and realize that my stupid tires have some security lug nuts, that I don't have a key for. So we wasted over and our and half of our time for nothing. I've got to go back to the dealership for another lug nut key. Why on earth does my plain old low end Honda Civic have a key for the lug nuts?!?!?!

Now the boys and I are sitting watching Pixar's Cars, we bought it on Tuesday when it came out on DVD. The afternoon turned out very nice, if only I had more vacation time I could do this more often.

The only real downside to the day was that we were so hungry when we went to get tires at Walmart that I told the boys we could eat at the McDonalds inside. I figured I'd have a salad. Well, that store doesn't have the salads or the grilled chicken sandwiches. I had to go with a McDonalds Snack Wrap- fried chicken strip on tortilla, and I ate some of the boys fries. I was just so hungry. I felt like total crap after that I think that cured me once and for all of all fast food, other than the salads at McDonalds which I do like. The Asian salad's my favorite. Within half an hour my head and stomach were both really hurting and I was salivating for some fruit. We got home, I had an apple and eventually felt better. At least the snack wrap and fries were small enough that I should be able to stay well within my calorie range, a fried chicken sandwich would have made me feel worse and the calories would have been 3 times that of the snack wrap.

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