Saturday, November 11, 2006

I just love to swim

Really, it's my favorite part of a triathlon which is good because I start in my comfort zone but bad because it's over first. Being the shortest part of the event and the only area where I might some day excel, it will really help me very little compared with how poorly I will always run- I hope to become a fair biker.

Anyway, yesterday morning's swim workout was a new thing for me- drills. I tried one arm swimming (a bit harder to breathe) and I did a thumb drill to get my elbow pointing straight out of the water. I didn't try the fist drill, just because I thought alternating 100s of the other 2 drills was enough drill work. I did a few 200's of easy swim, some 100's kicking and pulling and then some timed 100's. I was pretty happy to be able to repeat consecutive 100's at under 1:45. I know my form could improve still and speed will come with that, overall it was a good workout.

I've also got an event to train for! It's not really much to train for but it's something on the calendar. A friend at the gym is signed up for her first tri in July so I asked if she'd like to do a team event in June. It's a sprint-like distance (1/2 mile swim, 14.4 mile bike, 5 mile run), and I'll be the swim leg. I hope to be pregnant at some point in 2007 (I may have mentioned that already) so I'm not going to plan on a full event on my own. I'm going to keep up with training until I can't and if I'm not pregnant in July I'll do another solo sprint. I'm hoping I can talk Paul into biking and we'll find a runner for another race or 2, we'll have to see.

I ate too many calories yesterday, I was doing well until we went to a friend's house to play. While the kids were running around I was tempted and failed by eating a few too many dark chocolate almond clusters. But they were so-o-o-o good that it was almost worth blowing my calorie limit for the day.

Yesterday afternoon I went to get a haircut at the mall and there was a wait. While I was waiting I walked around the mall a bit and for some reason stopped in Ann Taylor loft. A store I've only shopped in once, it's a bit expensive and most of it's classier than my usual style. I headed back to the clearance racks and a gorgeous dress caught my eye. It's a burgundy-brown color and I loved it. It was with the size 10's so I grabbed it and headed for the dressing room. I tried it on and it's slightly snug but not obscene. I checked the tag for the price (originally $79.99, marked down to $29.99 and 30% off that), when I saw the price I also noticed the size- it was in the wrong section- it's a size SIX!! Gotta love vanity sizing, there's no way I'm that close to a 6. But, I'll take it. When I went to pay I noticed the cord belt had a frayed section, so they gave me a 10% discount. Final price? $18.89!!! What a deal. Now I need an occasion.


TriSaraTops said...

OMG--with you on so many levels here....

1. Swimming's my fave, too..wish they would knock a few miles off the bike and add some to the swim! If only I made the tri rules...:)

2. Dark chocolate was my WEAKNESS of antioxidants at least?

3. SO with you on the dress stuff, too! I am usually an 8 so if I hit a 6 or 4 I A) laugh and B) fall into their trap and snatch it! GREAT PRICE though! I sure need a new dress for a wedding in 2 weeks....hmmmm...will have to head to that store! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the swimming part too! I just started doing drills and swimming with one arm is one of them. I get a little dizzy when I do it with the left arm as I am not used to breathing and rolling to that side so much (I'm hoping this will help me transition to bilateral breathing). Kids # 3? Wow! When I got married we were all gung ho for 4 kids but after two, we stopped. I really admire parents that can handle the load! Harder than training for tri's, thats for sure! :-)