Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The scale WAS wrong (yeay)

This morning it read 156.5. How I do I know that today was right and yesterday was wrong? I don't, but today is the one I choose to believe. Now I'm thinking last Monday's reading might have been too high, too, because last week was a good week, but I'm not sure it was -2.5 pounds good.

A little highlight for the day already this morning at the gym. Two different people asked me whether I'd lost weight recently. I didn't think the 2.5 pounds counted much so I just said I was working on it and thanked them for the compliment, that felt nice.

Yesterday afternoon we went Thanksgiving dinner shopping. We're hosting for much of Paul's family so there will be 7 adults and 6 kids at our house for dinner. Many of the things we bought to serve: soda, appetizers and snacks, are things that we don't really eat anymore because of the poor quality and the bad fats in them. It doesn't seem right to serve them to family if they're not good enough for us to eat. But trying to force people to eat "healthy" food isn't necessarily fun because then if they don't like it we're the weird relatives that serve weird food. Maybe next year I'll put more effort into finding tasty stuff that's still healthier than mozzarella sticks and chicken taquitoes. I wish I didn't hate to cook so much.

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh - I too struggle to feed my relatives. At least I'm not the "weirdest" though; my eldest sister is notorious for serving vegetables as the main course, vegetables for the side, and for dessert -- squash muffins. Uck.