Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just an ordinary day

Here's a rundown on the highs and lows of this Wed.

Annoyances: First one actually happened on Monday. I got a great set of dinosaur books for the boys, but they're a little old. I brought them to work to lend to a friend for her boys. I left them in the parking garage right next to her car, and someone STOLE them. This is especially annoying because anyone that parks in the garage can darn well buy their own $35 set of dinosaur books and moreso because we all assume our work environment is so safe- apparently not.

I was annoyed that I couldn't get into the rhythn of a run this morning. I just couldn't recover after boot camp.

The microwave was constantly in use at lunch so I ended up eating almost 30 minutes late by the time I could warm up my Lean Cuisine.

It's self-review time once again at work, ugghh.

It's 8pm and neither of the boys show any signs of slowing down to go to bed.

Highlights of the day:
After my iron being too low since February, I was finally eligible to donate blood for Red Cross today.

I really do like Lean Cuisines and I especially enjoyed today's chicken enchilada lunch.

Playing with dry ice after work with the boys was a lot of fun.

Taking the boys to dinner at my parents was a good time.

The week's more than half way over, always a good thing.

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