Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Parting thoughts

Between Blogger issues and computer issues it's been impossible to post for the past few days. Not that much has happened, but I've become accustomed to having a spot for my random ramblings and missed it. While I said the blog was just for me originally, I've been a bit geeked to see some comments of late so I don't want to stop posting and lose any potential new friends. That being said, I'll be taking some time off now. We've got weekend plans with company and stuff and I may not be able to check in. Then, Monday morning at 4am I leave for a business trip to Los Angeles. As in California, as in 3000 miles away from Hot Wheels and Superman (oh yeah, and my husband) for FIVE DAYS. Well, 4 and a half days because I'm taking the overnight flight Thursday and should be in my driveway by noon on Friday. I really don't want to go. I've only been away from the boys for one overnight, when I went to Timberman in August. I'm sure they'll probably make it through better than I will, they'll be a grandma and grandpa's for dinner one night, playing with their cousins at dinner another night, Dad's going to take them the Chuck E Cheese's, they'll probably have a pretty good time. I'll probably be anxious the whole time and not even take full advantage of the time I will have to myself. I'll be up to call them at 5am (8am here), so I think I'll get some outdoor swim workouts in the pool at the hotel- I've read it's in the 80's out there right now. I might even do some reading- or I'll SLEEP!!

Training stuff:
Swim yesterday was good. My 200yard time is consistently 3:36. I think I'm going to start some speed drills with 100s and 50s and then go back to the 200 repeats. I did one 500 yard timed swim and that was about 9 minutes. So my pace is consistent anyway.

Santa wasn't at the pool yesterday morning, but the hair tumbleweeds were. I had planned a last set of 100 kick, 100 pull, but a tumbleweed from the bottom lifted up and was in my lane. When I couldn't keep it in view I was afraid I'd run into it and then vomit in the pool, so I skipped the last sets and left.

This morning was kick-my-ass bootcamp and then I did the incline walking workout. Fifteen minutes at 4.0mph increasing the incline by 3% every 3 minutes. By the time I hit 12% I was basically holding on, but it was better than last week. At lunch today they've got the Thanksgiving MasterBlast class. It's 30 minutes each of kickboxing, step intervals, spin and then yoga. Not sure I'd survive 2 straight hours of workouts, but I might give it a try so I can take tomorrow off guilt-free. Since we're hosting tomorrow's dinner I'm sure I'll get some exercise from cleaning tonight and tomorrow anyway. Some day I'll run again, my heart's just not into running lately.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, I'll be back in December. And here are my handsome boys, they're growing up way too fast.


Julia said...

I'm always really anxious about leaving my 2 kids behind when I go on a business trip, but then when I am on the plane I start to relax and try and enjoy time on my own (well, working on my own!). Then you figure out that they really CAN survive without you, especially if they're in the presence of loving grandparents and Dad taking them to Chuckie Cheese. It's all part of the growing process...for all four of you!
Try and take advantage of the California weather to go for a nice run in the morning (after the phone call to the boys!).

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how your blog takes on its own life? When I started, it was "just for me" too, but it has become so much more... The connectedness is divine.